Sep 21

New feature!

Version 1.4 of Surveillance allows you to choose a size for the custom date boxes (which some found too large!). Now just set your own size, as well as a custom size for the date text!

May 24

“Surveillance is a simple, yet bold Swiss-inspired grid-based theme for Tumblr. Buy it now for only $9.


Custom Colors
Full control over background and border colors of date boxes and accompanying text. You can also change anchor link colors.

Premade palettes
Copy and paste the code for a color palette into Advanced > Custom CSS for a different look instantly. Choose from:


demo / get css


demo / get css


demo / get css

Custom display options
Content areas in Surveillance have a width of 500 pixels, and by default, Surveillance will resize images in photo posts to 500 pixels to match the other content areas. Tag a photo post “noresize” to display it at its normal dimensions.

Show/hide tags and notes
Surveillance supports tags and note counts on the index page but they are hidden by default. Easily turn them on from the Customization drop down.

Disqus support:
Disqus integration from out of the box!

Buy it now for only $9!

May 20


E-mail for fast responses to questions, issues, or comments.

Apr 20

“You know, if you put enough sugar in this stuff, it tastes just like ginger ale.” — Fozzie Bear, while drinking champagne

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Apr 12

Uneven. 2008. New York, NY. Sunlight bathes the living room floor.

Uneven. 2008. New York, NY. Sunlight bathes the living room floor.